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LampLight Studio


Greg MacNair - Traditional and contemporary realism. Including portraiture, still life and landscape painting. Works done in oil.

Cory Sellers - Paint

Lon Brauer - Impressionist figure and landscape paintings.      

Frank Enger - landscapes, skyscapes, seascapes.

Marie Donato - Portrait Artist, Pastel and watercolor paintings, charcoal drawings.  

Henryk Ptasiewicz -  Showcase.

Lani Kohoutek-Miller - Portraits, illustration, and landscape painting in watercolor and oil.

Juliette Travous - Landscapes, skyscapes, still life and portraits in soft pastels, vivid colors,  impressionistic landscapes, and cityscapes. Scenes of St. Charles, Missouri.

Benjamin V. Kelley - Richly colored landscape and figure oil paintings combined with abstract and expressionist elements.

Thomas Yanko - Abstract expressionist paintings inspired by aerial landscapes      

Barb Flunker - elegant and elemental.

Andrea Andres - Abstract patterns created through various lettering styles.

Amy MacLennan - paintings, drawings, and prints

Lynnette Schuepbach - view the mixture of artwork and words.

Daven Anderson -  ‘urban realist’, painting life as he sees it on the city’s streets. 

Kent Louis Kulich - Expressionistic Art

William H. Neukomm - St. Louis native contemporary realistic painter.

Benjamin Guffee - oil paintings based on the simple beauty of nature

Tony Artz - Rhythm, Color, Culture, Energy;

Karen Ann Jones - Figurative painter in oils. 

Christopher Brennan - Oil paintings of urban landscapes and sparse interiors.

Gloria Gewinner-Ide - Watercolor - Oil - Acrylic. From quaint English villages using (watercolors) to the beautiful Missouri landscapes using (oil and acrylic).

Christian Draeger - Paintings of contemporary landscapes, abstracts and photo-realism.

Jennifer Hayes - Palette knife acrylic semi abstract and figurative expressionist work. Large bright work on stretched canvas is devoted mostly to the female form.

Philly M. Johnmeyer - Watercolor and acrylic paintings done in expressionism, abstract and impressionism.

Amy Reidel - Contemporary Painting, Drawing, and Installation.

Jeanne Conway - Watercolors and oil.

Ted A Gillespie -  Comprehensive view of the work by Ted A Gillespie, background and philosophy.

Leslie and Michael Nichols - Traditional and contemporary painting and drawing techniques including fresco, oils and silver point.

Thomas Matthew Pierson - inflammatory illustrator and Painter

Daniel Fishback - painter of landscapes, portraits of people and houses, on location if possible

Barbi Myres - has a magic touch in transparency of oil paint in contemporary art. She is best known for her rose paintings.

Jill Nassau - oil landscape, beach and portrait paintings. Sculptures covered in cut glass

Gary Passanise - abstract expressionism

Gary Nichols - Watercolor. Golf courses and other landscapes

Jennifer Wiggs - Abstracts the landscape and invents the animals which dominate the narratives. The watercolors are best described as modern primitive.

Alan Hollingsworth - Established local artist with a taste for the unusual.  Fine Art/Illustration/You Name It. 

Marlene DiFiori Locke - Interested in opposites like full/empty, beautiful/ugly, deep/shallow, rough/smooth

Dion Hitchings - Primitive narrative, childlike, colorful,
self-revealing, erotic, funny, strange and lots of eyes

Genece Hamby - Contemporary paintings symbolic of stillness, beauty and grace.

Jason Hoeing - Interesting fingernail polish on acrylic

David Burns Smith - Acrylic Paintings on Shaped Wood Panels

Jeremy Rabus - Abstractions based on landscape, imaginary and freeflow impulse imagery.

Garry McMichael - Pastels Charcoal and Oils.

Nick Schleicher - Student work paint, drawing, sculpture

Jim Denny - Portraits. Painter of realism

Ken Howard - process involves taking color out of fabric that has been previously dyed

Timothy E Wagner - Mixed Media / collage on re purposed materials. use photo transfer, acrylics, gels, resin and other mediums to achieve the highest quality of work.

Erin D.B. Farnsworth - Paintings, Drawings and Prints. Primarily watercolor. Corresponding connections between interior and exterior spaces

David Menendez - Landscapes and still life in oil

Michael Anderson - Plein air and studio oils, watercolors and pastels. Commercial illustration

George Denniger - Art and Design, art furniture sculpture

Patricia Oblack - Abstracts for interior design

Michael Haynes - Specializing in historic subject matter

Sukanya Mani - Acrylics and watercolors

Cathryne Loos - Paintings of Cathryne Loos

Sharon Spillar - Abstract

Leslie and Michael Nichols - Mixed media representational painting and drawing

Joseph Citro - Contemporary paintings exploring myth and metaphor

Michael Keth - Images pulled from the new, old and the commonplace

Michael Bolton - Informal Abstract and Contemporary Art

Barb Remley Martin - Watercolor, pastel

Lisa Ober - Portraits in oil and pastel

Kevin Haller - Watercolor, oil

Rip Kastaris - Contemporary works done with the speed and spirit of ancient fresco paintings

Sarah Giannobile - Enamel And Oil On Paper, pen and ink, mixed media sculpture

Brad Winchester - Large oil, prints, watercolor.

Kim Richardson - Oil on found objects

Dana Smith - Acrylic and marker.

Melinda Hall Roeleveld - Portraits, plein air landscapes and still life's in oil and pastel.

Melissa Whiteman - Wet oil technique of lightning storms.

Stan Chisholm - Street/Character Based Narratives, Mixed Media: Collage, Murals, Apparel

Vic Mastis - Founded Gateway Pastel Artists and is affiliated with the International Pastel Society. She has extensively promoted the pastel medium, also works in oil and acrylic.

Wally Klann - pen and ink drawings, pen and ink with watercolor wash, water color, oil and pastel. My focus is primarily on landscapes

Dennis DeToye - Paintings offer a unique style of portraiture

Carla Dawson - Color, line, nature, simplicity, travel, and humor

Brian David Smith - Artwork functions as a window depicting a place but also serves as a document for memories, imagination and the creative process.

Deborah Douglas - Oil exploration of pattern and color relationships explored through imagery from popular culture, ads, art history, landscape, and various flora and fauna.

Angelia Young - Galleria di 'Angelia, Oil and Acrylic

Collections from Past Exhibits at the University City Public Library

Adam Saiter - Abstract, siliconized acrylic, acrylic, plastic resin on wood, canvas

Carol Stewart - Still life in oil on steel, paper and canvas

William Kincaid - Watercolor pet portraits

Jake Wells - Original artwork

Jean Joel Spatafora - Acrylics, international influence

Jane M. Mason - Iris Giclee' Prints, Watercolor

Deanna Chafin-S. - Watercolor and Ink Abstracts, Acrylic

Julie Malone - Neo-cubistic style that comes alive with color and form

Erik Niemann - Dynamic yet elegant acrylic abstract paintings

Donald Curran - Major influences are the American Impressionists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Barbara Martin Smith - Watercolor paintings base on observed and perceived essence.

Bill Kohn - large scale landscape and architecure in watercolor and acrylic

Justin Tolentino - acrylic on canvas, found objects, murals

Nora Bushong Larimer - original watercolors, limited-edition giclee prints, watercolor tile and stained glass

Max R. Scharf - American Landscape Impressionist & Abstact Expressionist

J. Ryan Buller - MRAF - oil & charcoal on canvas

Heather Haymart - Heather Haymart, acrylic

Elizabeth LaChance - Oil painting

Billyo - Plein Air Painting

Morse Fine Art Studios, Inc. - Painting, photography

Jenna Bauer

Carolyn Hasenfratz - Lime Green Evolution World of Art

Carol Carter - Acrylic, Watercolor, prints

Evie Shucart - Pastel, Watercolor, landscapes, impressionistic

Salvatore Ventura - Watercolor and Prints

Miriam Drake - Oil, lithograph, giclee

Colin Michael Shaw - Acrylic painter, Paper collage

James Loveless - Oil painter

Nathan McClain - artwork and life of Nathan Allen McClain.


Carol Lynn - Visions of Healing and Art

Ron Young - Murals & large format contemporary paintings. I also create mixed-media collage/assemblage.

Barbi Myres - has a magic touch in transparency of oil paint in contemporary art. She is best known for her rose paintings.

Jeff C. Zarinelli - Oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas and Murals

Christina Hummer - Sweet Dream Murals, specializing in residential and commercial wall murals.

Richard Jones - Custom airbrushed artwork

Stephen M. Da Lay - Blackfish studio is an image environment creating company

Corinne Luczak - St. Louis Murals

Leah Pruitt - Paintings for both residential and commercial applications

Margaret von Kaenel - Muralist, trompe l'oeil, and fresco painting

Julie Wiegand - Beautiful, colorful acrylic works that jump off the canvas or wall into the viewer's heart and mind

St. Louis Murals - Rick Hanneman, specializing in unique and one of a kind murals, faux finishes and frameable fine art.

Ray Harvey Art - Commercial and residentual murals

Ginger German - Artworx. Pet portraits, painted furniture

Rich Carter - Carter Custom Painting

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