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LampLight Studio

Mixed Media

Howard Jones -  Portfolio of recent work

Christine A. Holtz - Oddly comical and ironic sculptures, installations, and performances that reveal the absurdity behind my average American middle-class life. 

Arlene Ligori - Fine art made up of mixed media, many layers to create fun, whimsical minimalist paintings.

Janice Schoultz Mudd - mixed media painting and collage - contemporary, landscape
based, luminous imagery using acrylic paint, pastels, papers etc.

Amy VanDonsel - Mixed media, incorporating acrylic paint, paper collage, pastel, and other mediums

Kim Mosley - Painting mixed with photography mixed with painting mixed with ...

Carolyn J. Wandling - Shadow boxes, murals

William Lobdell - Mixed media. Interesting texture created through layering of found objects.

Mary Beth Shaw - Collage, abstract, blog

Andrea Avery - Painting, found objects artwork, marketing

Cindy Royal - Painting mixed with found objects

Marian Steen - Brilliant color, line and texture painting


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